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DISCLAIMER: I want to make it very clear I do not allow anyone to copy or make derivative works from my paintings without my express written consent. If I catch you, I will hunt you down.

Weeeeeeell maybe not, but I’ll send a curse upon your household.

Okay no curse, (my voodoo juju isn’t what it used to be) but I will most likely send my agent after you. And yes this I will do!

These folks approached me and asked very nicely. and thus were granted permission to do so.  And to prove it goes both ways I got their permission to post their art on the blog.

So late last year I was contacted by Sue requesting to use my painting of “Liberty” as a learning tool for her class. She made it clear that it was for instruction and her class took it upon themselves to try new mediums and set up regular challenges. So for this (which she titled Project Liberty”) they were going to practice using watercolor pencils on suede which is the medium that my piece was done in.


I sent them link to a few of my online tutorials regarding both the mediums and working on suede and answered a few questions along the way. But they really took it upon themselves to figure it all out.

So here’s the results

Which I gotta say I’m mightily impressed. Suede is challenging and these folks did a really fabulous job.

This is Sue Mahon’s  piece which I think she nailed it. The floaty hair, the coat sheen even the background.


This is Eve Anderson’s work. Also did a wonderful job with the coat sheen and she definitely gave him a gentle face and warm expression.


And finally Brenda Harris which I think did an excellent face and wonderful eye for a strong “live” look. I also think she did a great job incorporating the background colors into the horse for a continuity through out the image.

All in all a really excellent job ladies! You did this young stallion justice.

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