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Keeping my options open.

I underestimated the length and depth of the grief I felt over the loss of my beloved Chicory. I took me far longer to feel like doing much creatively than I expected. Part of that is I tap into my emotions regarding critters when I’m making critter art. So being in a happy balanced state is usually best.

I did start an owl piece that crashed and burned a couple of weeks back and so I’m trying again. I chose a very simple graphic image, with happy bright colors and of one of my more favorite birds. The final piece will be cropped quite close to the beaks. There won’t be nearly as much negative space as I’ve currently got but I like to keep my options open.

It is once again on suede and since my intention for the background is to have just the suede I covered (thus the sheen.) I may change my mind and do some sort of green wash in the end. Hard tellin’. I’m fickle that way.

I’m not loving it but this is really quite early and pretty much just the base color washes in. It’s going rather quickly and hopefully I’ll have it finished by the end of this weekend.

What’s Next?

Maybe a couple of really cute goats or perhaps my next cow which is already have sketched out.

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Pretty In Pink (working title) watercolor pencil on suede approximately 10 x 16 inches

Pretty In Pink (working title)
watercolor pencil on suede
approximately 10 x 16 inches

So because we had yet another blustery, blizzardery ridiculously cold weekend I stayed at the farm and only sojourned out feed and water critters and check the pipes at the gallery. Happily it all went smoothly. But because my Longhorn painting is too large and too delicate to take out into that kind of weather, I opted to start a smaller piece at home. After all I didn’t want to waste a whole stuck inside weekend and not be creating.

And so this is what I did.

I Think I’ve Been Watching Too Much Project Runway

There’s lots of reason why I’m attracted to creating a particular image. For this piece it was the color story.

Uhm … not sure that the color story has ever been a reason for me before. But flamingos were calling my name and all I had were images from like a decade ago to work with. And as I was flipping through my photos I came across one of a large flock, where the light hit the water and I thought I could make something of it.

I would push the colors and challenge myself. Trying to paint water all by itself presents an incredible challenge. I want it to glow have depth and reflect off my birds.

This piece is going to be packed with blues, greens, golds and of course pinks, purples and reds.

So here’s hoping I can squeeze all that into one image creating a believable and yet vibrantly artful piece.


I will get back to the longhorns too. I have begun them though ever so barely. This piece is small enough that I am hoping I’ll get it done in the next 48 hours or so.

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