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So my horse has been ill and I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that he may not live forever. This has kept me quite distracted, depending on the day and his pain level, my mood goes up and down. He’s been my boy for almost 20 years and to make a long sad story shorter … I just haven’t given the whole title thing much of my attention.

SO … my plan is to do the drawing on Monday November 17th. I’d set a time but I’m just not that Type A personality of an artist.  Anyone who may still be interested please comment on my post stickied at the top of my Wild Faces Gallery facebook page. If you don’t do the facebook thing, just leave a comment title suggestion here and you’ll be added to the draw.

To see what the heck I’m talking about either scroll down or click this link for the yet to be named calf painting..

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