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2015 My Year On Etsy


So after the loss of my Squidoo income I kinda looked around for something to help make up for the hefty monthly income that I was no longer getting. Of all the options I looked at, Etsy seemed like the best/ within my comfort zone direction.

Originally I had opened my Wild Faces Gallery Etsy store in 2008 sold a few prints then dropped it when ebay sales exploded. Ebay far outsold etsy and so I put all my energies into it. But I got burned out listing and relisting on ebay and eventually quit doing it as well. Remember how much work ebay was I opted to reopen my etsy shop. One listing lasts 4 months, this was something I could handle as a part time gig.

Now I’m not a New Years resolution kinda gal but I am a goal setter and so my goals for Etsy in 2015 was to have 200 items in my shop and 100 sales by year’s end. To be clear if one person buys 7 prints (which happen much more often than I’d ever expected) it still counts as only one sale.

I crossed the 200 inventory mark in early October and crossed the 100 sales in early December. It’s been exciting to see the growth of my little shop and it even out sold my own website in gross annual sales. I ead somewhere there are over a million shops (though how many are active I don’t know) on etsy with over 19 million registered users. It’s a great built in market.

Looking Forward

So I’m not really sure what my goals for etsy should be this year. I’m probably gonna go with double my 2015. Shoot for 400 items and twice the gross sales. I’ve learned a lot this year on etsy. I like how I can try new things that I can’t add to my website. Etsy is flexible and allows for all sorts of variations.

There are all sorts of thing you can get at my etsy store that you can’t find on my website. I really need to look into that in regards to updating my website.

At any rate if you want to see what’s new check out my etsy store.

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My goal was to reach 100 items by the end of last year but … well that didn’t happen. It’s harder than you think. Or perhaps I should say it was harder than I thought. I opened my Etsy store in 2008 and sold an item or two but found that Ebay was a veritable feeding frenzy of sales, so I went that way.

But by the Fall of last year, when squidoo went belly up and I lost the hefty revenue stream that came from them, I began to once again explore online options. So I took my SEO skills I learned from Squidoo and began listing on Etsy again. I sold a print within 4 days and that was just enough motivation to keep me going.

So why didn’t I do the Ebay thing again you ask?

Good question you. Well for multiple reasons.

  • Making quality listings takes time. Fast and furious sales are awesome but it means I would spend many more hours creating listings than I wanted to. When I did ebay I sold around 1K in 6 weeks but it was kinda a full time job. And I have a full time job selling my art already so…
  • Etsy listings last much longerĀ  4 months as opposed to a week or so of ebay.
  • Etsy listing are much cheaper only .20 cents per plus a small % when an item sells.
  • Etsy doesn’t have the bargain basement rummage sale mentality that ebay does. I can sell my art for what it’s worth. I do offer special pricings on some of my listings but mostly that’s because they are different from my website in one way or the other.

I am averaging a sale or two a week at the moment. That’s with minimal game playing (meaning team interactions for promoting within etsy.) I would guess ebay would make me more, but I like the stress free environment as well as the more artisan like setting.

Never Heard Of Etsy?

I’m not surprised though it’s far more common knowledge now than when I opened my doors in 2008. But I am pretty sure etsy is about to become more of a household name as it’s going public. I think this will be both good and bad for the site. But my hope is, more awareness equals more sales. We shall see.

Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items under Etsy’s new guidelines.

Future Goals For Etsy

Short term: Bring 1-2 sales a week to 1-2 a day. 150 items in shop.

Long Term: 10+ sales a day. I have organized my product so the shipping end is easy. Either in a tube or flat rate envelope with the exception of a couple of framed items. I am pretty confident that I can do 10 sales a day without it interfering with the time needed to run the gallery etc. I think the max amount of items I can foresee handling in my etsy shop would be 200-250. But I won’t know until I get there.

So … now on to 150!

Shameless Self PromotionĀ  My Etsy Shop

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