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  • Event: Cowgirls Exhibiton
  • Where: Arts On Grand in Spencer, Iowa
  • When: Now until … tomorrow (yeah I know, I know)
  • Who: Mona Majorowicz, Barb McGee & Carol Herden

About The Show

Essentially Myself and two artist friends, Barb McGee (a painter) and Carol Herden (a sculptor and painter) got together and created this thing. Seemed like a fun thing to do and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.


Despite the fact that the three of us just did out own thing I think we pulled off a nice exhibit. Also please know that these photos were taken during the install and so the lighting is all wrong, but I didn’t bring my camera during the reception so this is all I’ve got.


Arts On Grand in Spencer did a wonderful job with the reception which featured cowboy inspired cuisine. We were interviewed by a few different sources and had some nice newspaper spreads about the show to boot.


Yes, I totally suck at this whole social media thing.


So the past few months have been just a whirlwind and the “Cowgirls” exhibit which you’ve all heard me talk about for a year and a half is actually up and running (for 2 whole weeks now) and yes I’m only just getting around to sharing the news. Heck I haven’t even posted anything on facebook. (I’m so bad at this social media stuff) But at least it’s not over yet. You’ve got until the … tomorrow to go see the show.

I promise to do better at the next showing which is scheduled at the Octagon Art Center in Ames, November 20th – December. After that I’m not sure.

The photo below was from the install, which is why I’m looking slightly more scruffy that I’d like. None of us thought to get a photo of the three of us during the reception. You know when we were not hot and sweaty from hauling, hanging and buffet binging at pizza ranch.


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