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So you’d think having been a professional picture framer for like 25 years, I’d be able to know almost magically what frame looks best on my own artwork. Not always so. Or at least my opinion can be swayed.

Here’s an example. Daisy, my sweet little yellow heifer, the first of all the cows for the exhibit this September was sitting in my back room with 2 different samples dangling off the corners. One orange one tangerine yellow. I favored the yellow but most people who ambled into my framing room (in fact all who weighed in liked the orange) so despite personally preferring the yellow, orange is what I got.

Now I know it doesn’t look it but the frame was actually quite expensive, even at cost. It was a deal where my supplier had to special order it from their supplier. So once I got it, I immediately regretted it but couldn’t bring myself to essentially just toss away a pricey frame. I thought … “Meh, I’ll get used to it and eventually it won’t matter.”


Over a year later it still bugged me. But rather than spending big bucks all over again getting the same frame in yellow, another frame line became available which I love. It has ripples running through it which add some whimsy and I’ve actually used this frame in different colors on a couple of my other “Happy Heifers.”  So I ordered it.

A Story To Illustrate My Point

One thing I’ve learned is that what I like (regarding my own art or framing) is not necessarily the best choice for everyone. In fact last year at an art festival I had a customer (who currently has an original of mine) looking at another original piece, went into hysterics over the hideousness of the frame. So she had me try to cover the frame because she just couldn’t get past her overly vocal revulsion, in order to visualize it without. This went on for 15 minutes or more with a packed booth of other people wanting to buy. Finally she left, to my great relief. The next customer in line said “Just so you know, I love that frame and think it makes the painting.”

So there ya go.

You get to weigh in

None the less I am curious, since everyone who offered an opinion at the gallery went orange, I’d like to know what you all think. Just so you know it won’t change anything but I am a glutton for market research and information.

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There’ll be no Sunday Sneak Peek as I’ll be out of the gallery Sunday & Monday but I found this start to finish of Freckles rolling around in my draft folder so here she is


Freckles – Longhorn Cow Painting
18 1/2 x 19 1/4 inches
Water soluble mixed media on suede board.
Prints are available here at Wild Faces Gallery website



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18 x 22 inches Water Soluble Mixed Media on Suede

18 x 22 inches
Water Soluble Mixed Media on Suede

I’ve a ways to go but really 3 or 4 more hours aught to finish her up. I’m not sure if I’m like the fringy ear thing, but that’s how she was in the photo. After all my last cow painting of Rosy had fringy ears. I may change that to a more normal hairy ear.

You wanna know a secret?
Lulu is a Black Baldy. Or at least that’s what I’m saying. Lulu is in fact Rosy just a few moments before she turned her head and gave me the googly eyes that I painted in that portrait. I guess I like the whimsy of her expressive face to paint her twice.

Shhhh … tell no one!

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This is about as early as it gets. But I have begun! (insert dramatic music … and perhaps a thunder clap. Something akin to a Frankenstein movie … “It’s ALIVE!”)

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CalfWip1-800CalfWip2-800 CalfWip3-800 CalfWip4-800 CalfWip5-800 CalfWip6-800 WoolyBully800

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So with the loss of my sweet horse I just sorta kept my head down for awhile and focused on getting the Christmas orders out of my gallery. I know I’ve been MIA for a bit, but I think I’m getting back to feeling somewhat normal.

I’ve been adding the new cows to the website, though I haven’t got the last one up yet.


The Ol’ Switcharoo

This is Rosy and for those of you keeping track my last heifer I had listed as Rosey too. Well She is now Ruby and I think it suits her and I liked Rosy for this one. I began it around the time my horse started first getting sick, I worked on it off and on, but my heart wasn’t really in it. Still I do like the silly look. And while I’m not patting myself on the back over it, I am content with it.

The new Rosy has yet to be added to the website, but I should get her up very soon. I do plan to post a start to finish on at least one of the new cows (probably Wooly Bully) and plan to try to do a new critter painting which is something other than a cow. (gasp … I know right?)

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(trumpets sound) Rhonda! Whose blog Painting for Joy is a colorful feast for the eyes and imagination, pretty much daily. I gotta admire that kind of dedication to creativity. In the end I went with “Wooly Bully” for the title because … it’s cute, and it seemed the most popular among those commenting. I also seriously pondered “All Ears” and “Little Red.” I just finished profiling the print today so if those of you who didn’t win want one, it is available on the Wild Faces Gallery website.

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