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Ewedora – No. 1 in the Ewephoria Collection

13×16 inches

Watersoluble Mixed Media on suede board


She’s not quite done yet. Some tweaking here and there needs to happen but I’ve already moved on and begun the next ewe piece. Doncha just love that glassy eyed stare?

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I Got Piggy Quotes Dancing In My Head

While working on my perky pig here I kept having various quote from Babe the movie in my head. Like “What a fine little pig” and “That’ll do pig. That’ll do”

So here we are all done. I may crop a little more off the right like 1/2 inch but probably not. Once I say I’m done I just move on. Literally. Once I declared The Happy Hog finito I started yet another little oinker. Which is probably gonna be the title of that one. She’s 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches and my usual mixed media on suede board.

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