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Big Red is not done … despite the fact that I signed it. I need to tweak the background and some of the feathers only have the base wash done. But I’m gonna set him aside for a bit and move on. The gallery work has been streaming in so time to shift focus for a bit. The colors are a bit blown out, particularly in his comb. I think I should have tried taking the photo in a shadier spot but you get the idea. It’s about a 13 1/2 x 18 piece but I am seriously considering cropping it some. See cropped version below. What do ya’ll think?


Funny How The Universe Works Some times

A few days after making the decision to do this little scheme of mine I was contacted by someone looking to license my work …

specifically farms animals …

specifically several of the animals on my short list including a rooster and pig (which I have drawn out) and an alpaca which just that day I’d selected a photo of an alpaca to do.

I find the timing fascinating.

95% Never Manifest

Now I’m certainly not counting my chickens before they hatch as it were (Geez … how many bad chicken puns do you think I can some up with) but the timing suggests I may be on to a good idea. Sort of the Universe’s way of saying “Yes, follow this idea.”

I am contacted weekly by people who look like they could be a potential money maker. We may exchange multiple emails, talk for weeks hashing out details, they are all excited and say they’re ready to progress and then … never hear from them again.

After an appropriate amount of time I may contact them asking if they plan to mover forward or if they no longer want to, well that’s okay, just let me know.

… (crickets) …

So if this licensing deal comes to fruition I will certainly let ya’ll know.

The Art Of Licensing

I have been asked many time to talk about licensing but never have. Partly because I don’t consider myself all that knowledgeable and partly because I have yet to find it hugely financially rewarding. But I’m going to make at least one blog post on the subject. It’s high time I get back to sharing real information on what it’s like being an artist.

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BigRedWIP3-1000Get it? Hatching … rooster. Ah,(sighs) I crack my self up. Ooh .. I did it again.

I have an artist friend, (Leonard Olson who makes all sort of wonderful and whimsical things from wood including this) who when the wind is blowing in the right direction, pops in the gallery from time to time to chat about marketing. After getting comfy on the couch he usually begins with a twinkle in his eye, occasionally rubbing his hands together and says “You wanna hear my latest scheme?” 

So Here’s My Latest Scheme

I’m stealing Leonard’s schtick and calling this latest inspiration a “scheme.” I plan to bundle one idea into multiple marketable plans of action. I am seriously considering having a booth as a vendor at the Iowa State Fair this coming year. It’s expensive and the days are gruelling (something like 7am-10ish at night for 10 days) Add on driving an hour each way well … if I’m gonna do it, I need to commit to it fully. It needs a big financial payoff for the amount of money and physical energy I’ll be putting in it.

My plan … more farm animals. I need to expand my offerings, Lord knows I’ve got the cows but I need chickens, pigs, goats and sheep… alpacas? I don’t plan to dress down my booth. It will be much like it is at art fairs with original work and such but I will come heavy with smaller items like small prints, cards and magnets. The plan is to make sets of like 3 or 4 images of chickens, pigs, horses etc. that I can bundle and market as print sets not to mention boxed card sets. The cowgirl card sets were very popular this year so why not take something that works and expand.

Expanding this idea’s marketing potential

Etsy is cracking right along but if I ever plan to have it be a real money maker for me I need more images. I have over 200 listings right now but like anything I do online I know to increase income means to increase quantity. More images plus more variety of critters is all good. My original goal was 250 listing by end of year. After that I’ll work toward 500 then 800.

Lastly I do have a solo show booked for October of 2016 and maybe instead of rolling it over to my group showing of “Cowgirls” I will keep this one to myself. I can take all this farm critter collection and make it a themed exhibition who’s working title is “Down On The Farm” which I love but has been used so many times for so many things it would be good to shoot for something a little more clever and original. But until that happens DOTF it is.

So All This Brings Me To “Big Red”

“Big Red” is the first of my chicken/rooster series. My intention is to do a very similar color story as that of “Young Tess.” And since this post has gotten rather shockingly long and most people today have the attention span of a gnat, I’ll go into more detail later.

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