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“Bunny Kisses”
10×14 inches
mixed media on suede

This was a quickie little painting created specifically for making small prints and note cards. The bunny cards are selling really well at my etsy store. So much so that like I make new Christmas designs every year, perhaps I’ll do new Easter oriented cards every year as well. I already have quite a few Easter designs in my shop to choose from but plan (I say plan but who knows whether it will manifest or not) on making a set of bunny cards.

This is not available on my website yet but they are on etsy if you want to check it out.

Bunny Kisses 5×7 inch blank cards

Bunny Kisses 5×7 and 8×10 print


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When The Weather Outside Is Frightful … What’s A Girl To Do?

When the high for the day was -7 degrees, this girl, ate too much, watched way too much tv and worked on new art pieces while lounging on the couch, snuggled up under a mountain of blankets. These two are what I worked on this weekend and it wasn’t until I progressed on the second (which is the ewe) that I realized they are both in a blue color palette.

The Bunny Piece is something I literally had laying around the house for a year. I had drawn it out last year for Easter card design and didn’t get much past that stage. So I picked it up and got it almost done (she still needs whiskers) Initially I was thinking a lovely lavender background but now I’m thinking I like the raw suede and will add lavender border to the card design.

The floating head is the first of three sheep (though there may well be more in the future) that I drew out and got this far on the first ewe. This is the first time I selected all three animals and drew them out for my trio right at the start. I’m not sure what I’ll call them. Leaning towards more silliness and am now referring to them as “The Ewephoria Collection” and I may well name them things like Ewenice and Baaaalinda.

I’m not sure but I may be turning into a crazy old lady.

Ah well … Best not to think on that too hard.

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