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I posted the very first WIP on my facebook page as my Sunday Sneak Peek (since I tend to start new works on Sunday the name seemed appropriate) which was quite literally nothing more than the eyeballs. Now 2 days and maybe 5 hours later this is what I’ve got.

I forgot how long it takes to do true realism. Thank goodness it’s a small piece of only 11×14 inches.

As for the flamingo piece, I do plan to finish it, but new inspirations keep popping up and like a loose dog with a squirrel fetish I just keep chasing whatever flashes past my line of site. This is not something I have ever done. I have always been someone to make up silly rules like “Finish this painting before starting another.”

Where do I come up with that stuff?

Any Guesses?

So I’m not letting on what exactly it is but as I posted on my FB page here’s three hints.

1. It’s feline
2. It’s not domestic
3. I have painted this species before.

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Snow Leopard WIP

Well . . . I warned you that I might decide that it was in my best interest to do several smaller pieces, rather than commit to trying to get one large painting done. I still have a few sheets of the smaller handmade paper left. This one is on a 8 1/2 x 11. She is just barely begun though I should finish her up tomorrow. (most likely) The background is going to be an emerald green.

The one thing I really like about these little guys is that I can do some images that I like, but are not really full scale painting material. Like this image for instance. Generally I avoid painting complete profiles, like I avoid brownies with nuts. But for these little paintings, I get to not take the whole art thing so seriously.

My bear will wait until I feel that I can commit all my attentions to it. I really like my concept and don’t want to mess it up because of all the upcoming interruptions like art fairs. He will be back though. I promise.

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