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The early beginnings of Sassy Pants.

Hard to believe it’s been a year or so since I finished Ears Looking At You Kid and Bossy Boots. My how time flies. It took awhile to find a goat that would make a pleasing third. So I’ve got one going left, one going right and one head on, I love the tilt of the head on her which is less obvious here because of the tilt of my artwork. It’s drying in front of the heater which is why the board is slightly bowed and she’s sitting on an angle.

And in a completely unrelated topic … My drafting table looks revolting. (Bleck!) Someone really should clean that thing once in awhile.

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So I had a wild hair and I followed it

I’m still working on the flamingos and have made some progress but I had an urge to do this little guy. It’s a small piece only about 11×16 inches and is water soluble mixed media on suede.

I’m not sure if I like it, but there ya go. Initially I wanted to do two more baby goats for a trio but not sure now. Could be I’m just in a mood. I think the amount of negative space is also an issue. Or I am so unbelievably tired today for no reason but I’d love to crawl under a heavy blanket and sleep.

Yeah. Could be any one of those. Or all three.

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