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I recently had an original watercolor painting (well two actually) come through my gallery and to the shock of both the artist and myself there was a rather apparent difference between the part of the painting that was under the mat and the part of the painting that wasn’t.

At first i thought it was a matter of fading but no … this color shift is the result of acids from a non-conservation matboard having migrated into the artwork. Now normally something like this takes many, many years but in this case the damage was done within a matter of a couple of years.

The mat boards used were SRM boards made by crescent. I tell you this not to shame crescent (though they certainly should be because seriously, this is egregious) but to inform the many artists and really anyone looking to frame well … pretty much anything.


SRM boards are non conservation grade mats that are made to look like conservation boards in that their bevel is a bright white and doesn’t yellow over time like ordinary paper mat. That’s usually the easiest way to tell if you have conservation or archival matting, by the color of the bevel. Archival stays a bright white while paper board yellows and darkens more so as the years progress.

So artists beware … the SRM matboard is to be avoided when framing. Yeah, pretty much don’t put this stuff on anything.

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