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Some Halloween Fun

Dolly Mama’s Witch Counted Cross Stitch Kit-6X10 14 Count

SO my Squidoo pages have been doing really well for me and traffic and sales are such that I could see how if someone made enough of them and did a good job, you could potentially make a living from it. Mind you I’m a long ways from that but my earnings and sales have increased far past what I ever expected so now I’m all motivated to keep making pages.

Here’s my latest just published this morning. Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns.

And here’s last year’s Halloween specialty Vintage Halloween Postcards

Halloween Stories
I gotta start choosing my Halloween story this year and the Budda is thinking about sharing his personal Halloween story about of Weremice.

Oh the horror!

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In lieu of real art … you get this.

Umm …. sorry.

So my dear sweet Budda is just about the sweetest little cat (though Robert’s Ari may disagree) ever. He is so loving, snuggly, and oozing purring adorableness and would be in total kitten heaven if I just carried him around in a sling or baby carrier all day long.

During the daylight hours he is this cherubic little sweetie, who will break into a runbley purr if I just so much as look at him.

But lately I’ve been working until 10pm or so. There has been s a noticeable change that comes over my little Boodie Boo just about the time the sun sets.

He starts puffing up and spronking about like a Halloween cat. Leaping up and smacking the back of my head or popping out from behind objects flashing his “jazz hands” trying (and usually succeeding) at scaring the bejeebers out of me.

Now I’ve only had 2 indoor cats in my life so I think back to whether Oliver ever had mood shifts between day and night.

And … Uh … Nope. He pretty much had the same attitude no matter what the time of day.

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