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So Rockbrook turned out to be a pretty good. It had moments that were reminiscent of events from years back where I the epiphany of Oh that’s right … this is what art fairs are supposed to be like.”

You know like when people walk up with a handful of prints or point at the walls and say “I want that one … and that one …. and that one.”

Now much of the event was the usual selling of a card or small print here or there but occasionally there were those bright moments. My dear potter friend of course raked it in but it was a mixed event. Two of my dear friends who are in the same genre’ as myself one does African Wildlife and the other does watercolor birds both did horrible and don’t plan on returning. I am lucky and blessed that my event in the end was, if not the best one so far this year (I’ve yet to do the numbers) … is in the top 2. That being said this would have been a very mediocre event even just 3 years ago.

I took no photos because I just wasn’t motivated at all to do so. Feeling just a tad lackluster (and by that I mean dead on my feet) so didn’t pull the camera out and though would have had the opportunity to do the Henry Doorly Zoo, I passed.

So I’m home for the next 3 days and then off again to my last one for this month. I’m feeling pretty good today despite this work marathon I’m on. I’m guessing that has something to do with earning some money and the Diet Coke IV drip that I’m on.

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I'm Dog Paddling Like A Mad Woman

And no … I don’t mean that I’m spanking dogs
And just to be clear in case there are some PETA people going “What the? …. she’s spanking random dogs!?” By that I mean that I feel like I was thrown in the deep end of the pool and told to figure out how to swim. So I am dog paddling to keep my head above water. I am tired and have been working non-stop long days, thus my absence from the blog. But the good news is that so far I am still afloat. And following this metaphor to its contrived and exhaustive end I think eventually I shall indeed learn to swim in a relaxed manner. It’s just not going to be anytime soon.

Luckily for me, I am usually very good in a crisis.

Moving On
So today I leave for Omaha. This weekend’s scheduled event is Rockbrook Village Art Fair. This has always been a good event in the past so here’s hoping.

My Booth is #32C which is the art fair sweet spot of somewhere in the middle.

See ya’ll on the flip side.

Post Amended To Say:
Yeah okay … so as to the good in a crisis thing.

First I will probably sob inconsolably for awhile … followed by shaking my fists at the heavens and shouting “Whhhhyyyyy!” repeatedly.

But then … then, I am good in a crisis.

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Artsplash 2011

Well I am content with how Artsplash went this year … all things considering.

All things considering like a city impacted by flooding all year which only just receded a few days back, as well as the show being put in a totally new location on the other end of the city. It also rained for the first few hours on Saturday which meant the crowds dispersed and didn’t really pick up much steam again until after 3.

The buying of my products was limited to shrink wrapped prints and notecards. No major art or even framed prints sold. I didn’t take home an award this year (dang!) but I did get my picture on the front page of the Sunday Sioux City journal. (umm yeah … I totally didn’t have time to grab a copy and see it though. Was told about it by many of the patrons followed by “I should have clipped it out for you.”)

The new location was nice although inconvenient for set up and the tear down was a nightmare, though most artists were very considerate and patient. The spaces were tight and small (See Below Photo) and allowed no room in the back of the booth because of a 45% to 60% hill behind the tent where we parked the van. (See Above Photo: Taken part way up Mount Artsplash.I tried taking one from the top but the tree tops completely blocked the view. Yeah okay, it doesn’t look so bad but trust it was tall and steep. ) So after running up and down that hill 20-30 gazillion times a day I now have thighs-o-steel.

On the plus side of the new location was that the bandshell was free which was why they could pass on charging a gate fee, which was normally $5 a head. Also all the musical entertainment played for free which is kinda wonderful of them.

As always the staff and volunteers were awesome. There was a trolly filled with coffee, water, cookies, muffins, granola bars, fruit snacks and actual fruit rolling by every 20 minutes or so. They also provided a free lunch of sandwich and chips each day as well as a wonderful artist dinner on Saturday night with Tai food and Mexican from several featured restaurants of Sioux Cities finest. Artsplash is one of those events who really works hard to keep the artists happy unlike new weeks venue where a doughnut for breakfast is the most you can expect. Ah well … it’s all about the sales and usually Rockbrook earns me more money than Artsplash, so we’ll see.

I’ve been doing this event long enough now that everyone knows me by name and sight. Apparently i am one of only a handful that has been with them for over 10 years. Kinda a nice feeling to be welcomed by name when I pull in. Kinda makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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A Day At Weigert Prairie

Weigert Prairie is a farmstead in Iowa that has been maintained in it’s original homestead condition (meaning no electric or running water) since the beginning of time. Well perhaps not quite back that far. Anywho every year they put out a welcome mat and folks are allowed to come and tour the farm. Various old buildings have been added like a church (for which they hold a Sunday service for the event) a school and various other outbuildings.

Mike and I used to attend this and other thresher type events together but haven’t really done so in quite awhile. Partly because they are really kinda the same year after year and partly because I have enough draft horse team photographs to last me … quite possibly forever.

So this year all things considering, I went with my friend Linda and her daughter in law. Oddly enough there were no horses at all. Normally there are teams all over, harvesting oats, plowing fields and giving hay wagon rides out to the historic prairie acres to look at wildflowers and plant life. So no horse photos but they did have my favorite kind of sheep. Yay!

I mayhaps get a painting or two from the trip after all.

Tomorrow I leave for Artsplash in SIoux City. It’s going to be held in a different location due to all the flooding this year so that’s generally not a good thing. However this year they have waved the gate fee and I hope that brings the people in droves. Also the weather is supposed to be perfect so here’s hoping.

I promise to get back to blogging more faithfully. It’s just with all the learning I’ve got to do I’ve been burning it at both ends. I’ve got lots os posts waiting in the wings I just need time to tweak and publish.

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