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Lion Painting – today's progress

Hard to actually see what it looks like because the image is so large but I figured I’d bore ya’ll with too many detail shots.

I am enjoying playing with this piece, am a little concerned as to how I’ll handle the background but I’m sure I’ll work something out. Can’t work on it as much as I’d like in a day because of the wrist and hand getting a little tender. (Yup picture me holding my hand up in the scary b-movie claw that Mike forewarned about.)

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A Lion Painting WIP (finally)

It’s taken me awhile but yes I did indeed finally decide on the “awesomeness” size. I have only just barely begun … but I have begun and that’s usually the hardest part. The photo below helps give you a little context to exactly how little I have really got in. The board size is 24 x 40 and some of it on the left is not shown in the pic.

I think I should have tipped his head facing away a little more. The foreshortened muzzle makes his eye look too big. .

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