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Yup I’m back and glad of it. Once again the event was worth the trip but was in general much less than normal. Most artists I talked with said their year was around 30-50% less than normal. Most, like myself had an occasional good event but the bulk of shows sales were down.

Nothing new really to tell of this event. The weather cooperated enough that Saturday had a good crowd but the buying was minimal. Sunday was just quiet.

Over the years I have pretty much been through every kind of thing happening at an art event; rain, hail, tornadoes, biting bugs sucking out gallons of my precious fluids, searing heat, cars crashing into tents, people breaking things … uh I’ll stop there as I’m sure you get the idea. But this weekend I was witness to my first fire at an art fair. Technically it was art fair adjacent but we still had to leave.

The alarm went off and surprisingly no artists moved. I say surprisingly because at the threat of a thunderstorm artists scramble like you can’t imagine. But we all sat occasionally looking around but not moving. I don’t think my neighbor even looked up from his newspaper. Eventually staffers came around and said to move towards the front of the building as a precaution. Once there we were asked to go outside “as a precaution.” After 15 minutes of standing in 10 degree weather we were told to go across the street. Yup as a precaution. Eventually they sent us off to another building on campus which was good because even though most folks grabbed their coats we were all shaking like chihuahuas on a caffeine overdose.

The good news the fire was contained quickly and we were allowed to get back to business. That kinda wraps up my art fair season. Normally I’m a little down about no more events but the sales have been so mediocre that I’m pretty much okay with it. I’m so looking forward to working on new art!

I’ll post my new ram next.

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So today I leave for the Holiday Thieves Market event held at the Union Memorial in Iowa City. (Yup that in Iowa)

I have been doing this event for, hm … let me see … well at least 8 years. Some years it’s excellent and some not so much. But I keep going regardless. I’ve been doing it so long and it has always been “The End” to my art fair season it just seems only fitting that it’s how I end my art fair season every year.

The Many Way You Can Get A Copy Of The Latest Apples ‘n Oats magazine … Let me counts the ways.
Also I just got a fresh box of magazine goodness with the winter edition of Apples ‘n Oats. Man doesn’t that cover make you wish for Spring. (it’s kinda hard to see but the horses are covered in Hoar frost) As usual you may peruse the issue online by visiting the Apples ‘n Oats website. Or you can run out and pick up at a copy at the many fine equine stores in the Midwest. Lets see … Oh yeah, the always popular subsription and lastly … stop by my booth this weekend and ask me for a copy.

The art event runs Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4

See you on the other side hopefully with a new card image and a boatload of cash.

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So as the title infers Fleece On Earth is now available on the Wild Faces Gallery website. (I know right? it only took me a year)

We actually made a limited edition sized print that is larger than the original. Just for fun. I usually don’t like enlarging art because all the fine detail work that I do gets enlarged as well, and so it kinda loses it’s tightness.

But (partly) because of the style, this piece enlarged quite nicely. As a rule I never enlarge a piece more than 30%. Though we have done far greater enlargements for various artist giclee clients.

Fleece Navidad
And as is my usual I am running late with this. Actually it was last year at the event that I’m leaving for tomorrow that I created “Fleece On Earth.” So maybe it’s only fitting that it will be the same event where I create the companion piece “Fleece Navidad.”

I wanted this piece to be the match for last year’s card. So instead of vertical I went horizontal and instead of an ewe I went with a ram. But I also wanted a different bell on him. You can see in my sketch I did a bell that I have actually seen on livestock but it struck me as just a little bit to Holly Jolly Christmas. So I made a bell design completely up and I really like it. On my final tracing of this drawing (yes it’s to be done on suede board just like the other) I’ll swap ’em out.

I plan on doing very much the same starry night though I am toying with the idea of making this guy an all white ram. I guess we’ll have to see if the spirit moves me. After all Fleece On Earth was a complete surprise to me when I created her the way I did. Who knows what may come of this.

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