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The Lastest Rhino Wip

Well I actually almost got the rhino part done. Once again I underestimated the time I’d need to work on her. Since I had the base colors in I figured it’d go quick but turns out I love putting in all those fussy little lines and so blew many hours adding (not critical) details.

The left hind leg is just got a base coat in. I hate the straightness of it and despite the fact that that’s how it is in the reference phot, it’s gonna get changed. As much as possible anyway, since I used intense as my base colors.

Maybe today I’ll finish it but most likely not. 🙂

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I'm A Giant (squid that is)

Nobody’s more surprised than me because technically I didn’t make the deadline. I submitted my request for the next deadline as lens number 50 was published a day late . But the kind hearts that the Squidoo powers-that-be are, plunked me in the last group. I had only 51 lenses to my name so it was even more of a surprise that I got accepted. You only need 50, but they are supposed to be 50 exceptional lenses, so the usual way of going is to have several more than 50 because not everything one writes is gold.

Squidoo have a new points system that’s run like a game. You earn points, unlock challenges, gain trophies that earn more points. The only thing you really get out of it is more lenses. Me being the gamer type took to this like a duck to water. So the lenses listed here which got me over into Giant status were for challenges and thus not in my artsy fartsy niche. That being said I do have a lens on selling at art fairs as well as creating a successful art fair booth in the works. So I’m not all about the game.

The latest lenses are Critter Oriented. (my critters)

Budda’s Dream Time Wish List
Meet The Budda
Chicory The Wonder Horse
Oliver The Original Gallery Cat
A Tribute To Brutus

And finally for a different challenge I created a lens about one of my favorite novels

All things regarding Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen This has movie reviews, books, books that continue the story (fan fiction) graphic novels, movie posters both vintage and new and a P&P Quiz.


The plan is to finish today and tomorrow. I will post any progress to the end that actually occurs.

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I’ve been waiting for this to come out for some time. Not just because I love horse movies, (you all know that do.) But because I really like Diane Lane as an actress. This strikes me as so totally a me kind of move. Feminism and horses. It don’t get any better than that.

It’s got that true story thing tagged to it. I don’t know the history of Secretariat but I do know when Disney says those words it doesn’t mean it’s a faithful, or even remotely close account of the actual events. That not withstanding I’m stoked.

Unfortunately I can’t go this weekend. With any luck, next weekend I will.

So if any of you go see Secretariat, you’ll have to let me know what you think.

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Flattery Will Get You Nowhere
So are spammers getting smarter or do they just think bloggers will fall for a little flattery and are too dumb to catch on. I have a spam filter (of course) for the blog but lately a couple have got held for moderation. And I can see why. They actually appear to have read the post and made a comment in relation to that post. I’ve had about half a dozen or so in the past few weeks like the ones shown below.

Wow, I never would have imagined that so many colours were needed. It looks incredible. I think I need to come and watch you work in the flesh 🙂

Hey Mona (just catching up on your posts after a week away!) I love your art. You are awesome! : )

Dear Spammers,

Here’s the thing. However lovely these comments may be and however much I like my vanity stroked, if your name and url have anything to do with chemically enhanced eyelashes or extending my manhoods girth, it’s not getting through. I don’t care how many sweet words you whisper in my ear.

And besides dear spammers, this takes time and effort. Couldn’t that effort be put to a better use than harassing bloggers. Seriously there’s got to be a better way of making money and generating traffic.

So Bloggers, be vigilant and don’t fall for this. All it takes is one tiny success for them before we’re inundated with this sort of garbage. It really makes me want to get even. I mean how else will they learn?


Okay now you guys are just torking me off I got this today in my filter. This is an actual comment that was scraped and re-entered under their URL. Time to Black List I’m thinking. (sigh)

Dear Buddha,
Your artistic rendering of a dead horse is startlingly (is that a word?) realistic and very colorful. You are the cats meow! Belly rub coming soon.
Love, Aunt Linda

Actually now that I think of it, I think the first comment was one made by Joan awhile back. Grrrr.


Dear Little Blueish-Purplish Pillish People,
Are you one of the millions of men suffering from lack of male confidence? Do you want to impress the ladies? Well buy my horse art. Show that special someone that you are man enough to purchase horse art. Your confidence will swell and you’ll be the envy of men everywhere who can’t decorate.

And for even more confidence, try my new and improved Draft Horse Art. It doesn’t get more macho than that.

Potential side effects include neurosis and insomnia. Because no matter what, deep down you know you’re not “more confident” than a draft horse. If problem persists remove artwork and consult your interior decorator.

Anyone Else Want To Try A Letter?

Leave it in the comments sections.

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It’s been awhile since I did the start to finish and I figured I needed to intersperse all my chatty posts with some art. I do have big plans for painting this weekend. I’ll have to see how it plays out.

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Octagon Wrap-Up 2010

Well as you can see by the photo the weather was lovely. A bit chilly but all in all it was as wonderful as could be hoped for. The sales however were not … yet-again … sigh.

We made enough to make it worth going but last year’s sales were substantially better. It kinda set the bar. However Ames had some major flooding a couple of months prior so that coupled with the whole economy thing kinda put it in the crapper.

So what’s a girl to do? Why apply to two more events of course. To be clear one I do every year anyway. The other is new but it’s close to home and the fee is cheap. I’ve not got high hopes for either at this point. but I’m not just gonna sit home twiddling my thumbs.

Sadly a high quality event which I had done several times in the past (but quit because the sales where just not high enough for the cost of the event) has closed down. Two Rivers in Des Moines is no longer. It saddens me but I certainly understand. The event was so expensive to do and artists continually didn’t make enough to keep coming back, so they just didn’t have enough interest to pay to make the show. Still … sad to hear it though.

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Remember the other day when I was saying how I bet you guys thought I was all magical spronking unicorns? No?

Well anyway I found out what happens to unicorns when they get old.

I wonder if when you eat it, you get magical unicorn powers? Or if is it all just pooping marshmellows and farting rainbows (really must read above link to understand that.)

See, aren’t you guys glad you stuck with me through the great post drought of last week.

Tomorrow art fair wrap-up.

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