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Because you guys write some really well thought out or just plain funny comments I thought I’d try a new regular (as in monthly-thus the name) post. I think often the case is that only I read them, since once someone leaves a comment they rarely come back in to see what anyone else said.

So I thought about once a month I’d do a Comment Of The Month post featuring the comment that I thought was really good and worth a second chance at being seen. I often felt like there was some gold buried in the comments section. If the comments start getting more numerous I may bump this up to weekly We’ll kinda have to see how this plays out long term.

Robert Sloan said:
<p style="color: #1A67B8; font-size: 150%; "“Obviously that’s the Special Advanced Mousie Toy with Judo. He looks like the toy just threw him and tied up his hind leg in his front leg! He also missed and bit his own thigh — yep, the advanced judo mousie toy. Perfect training for the gallery cat who may have to guard against attack dust-bunnies and art critics.”

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So tomorrow I do the demonstration at the Side Street Gallery. And yeah in order to demonstrate I really need something to work on, so I had to make a decision. Next on my docket was a rhino. I really want to do a rhino. Much like the giraffes I am pretty much guaranteed it will sell as soon as it’s completed so when I got the hankerin’ to do one I should . . . But (there’s always a but)

But I got a Apples N’ Oats deadline looming and the World Percheron Congress is right around the corner so I really should be doing a Percheron painting. Carol Eilers editor and friend is great not to pressure me. This is all my own doing. But seriously a grown-up would see it’s an obvious choice. SO just this once I’m being a grown-up and working on a Percheron piece. Not that this idea wasn’t also on my to-do list I just wasn’t “feelin’ it” at the moment.

Of course if I was scheduled to be at the World Rhino Congress in a few months I’d totally be wanting to do a Percheron painting right now.

Above is my basic reference photo for this piece. The image is not the best but I really like that “you’re there” kinda vibe it give off. I plan on pushing a lot of shine where none exists and giving them that Friesian-esque look that the Percheron Mares that I photographed last year had. You know the ones that looked like they just had their tips done at some fancy salon.

About The Event

Last year you may remember I did the event with two of my good friends Katie Plucker and Judy Hemphill. This year when I was approached I was like so looking forward to repeating the experience. This time though it was to be me Katie and my dear friend Connie Herring (of paper making fame) was to join us it made it all just that much more perfect. Until I received an email from an art fair that I forgot that I had applied to. (because it’s been many years since I did that event . . . or perhaps I’m getting old and the memory is not quite as sharp as it once was.) Ah Crap!

When I called Mari to cancel she said still really wanted me to do it as she a had some folks wanting to meet me. And so I agreed to this weekend. I have no idea who the artist is that I’m demo-ing with but her business name is “Naughty Girl” so I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be besties when it’s over.

So if you’re in the area of Arnolds Park stop in at the Side Street Gallery and say hello. I won’t be doing Pearsons Lakes Art Center show this year in August. SO this will be the only time I’ll be in thh Lakes region.


22×32 approximately

After 5 or so hours of draw time here’s what I got. I shifted head positions slightly and the left hand horse is going to be moved closer to the center horse when I trace this off onto the suede board. Also I think I’ll tip the left hand mares head (nose in) just a little more. So I’ll post a progress shot either tomorrow or Sunday if I totally don’t bugger this up on Demo Day.

Note: Because I do my drawing and then throw it away once I trace it over onto suede, I just tape together whatever scrap pieces of paper I have. Since this is a pretty big drawing I used a couple of 18×24’s. I mention this because of the shadow lines.

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Warning: This one seems snarkier than normal so if you’re not in the mood hum a happy tune and skip it. Tomorrow (late tomorrow) hopefully I’ll have a new painting started for the demonstration I’m giving this weekend at the Side Street Gallery in Okiboji.

So I’m still watching the Work Of Art reality competition series. Sadly I think the artists themselves are becoming characatures of what most people think of as artists. They do have a couple of folks who have real talent but most of the rest are relying on a persona. It’s hard to explain but they just sorta stop being real and start becoming the tortured artist or the woman who complains about feeling violated and victimized by men’s desires and yet had a boob job (really bigguns) and gets nude for nearly every challenge.

Week 3: This week’s challenge was to create shocking art. You know like the Piss Christ by Andres Serrano. (Who BTW was also a guest judge) Not surprisingly most fell back on using sex as shocking which oddly enough is kinda one of the things most of us are really getting used to in mainstream life. I mean they use sex to sell everything from cars to brown rice. So really not so much shocking as just a little disgusting and totally pedestrian.

Lesson Learned: Apparently no matter what the challenge, taking nude photos of yourself in the bathroom IS the answer. Yeah I know it didn’t work all the other times but this time it did. So maybe the real lesson is to keep with it it until “it” succeeds.

Week 4: The challenge this week was take a drive in an Audi and use it for inspiration for your art. Um . . . really?

Lesson Learned: Big corporate sponsors get their own challenge dedicated to them. Nothing is really free in this world.

Week 5: This challenge was to create public art. The remaining 8 contestants (I hesitate to use the word artists) split into 2 teams and create a piece of work to go into a public setting. The *untrained guy pretty much got mauled by stripper girl and OCD guy (or as characterized on the show as the cool kids and the loner.) So no real surprise they tossed him out as the go home guy for this week.

Lesson Learned: Though your personality may be fierce you insecurity will make you vulnerable, especially when surrounded by wolves. Wolves always pick off the weak.

Note: I referred to him as untrained instead of self-taught because as self-taught he would have had to have developed an artistic voice. This guy was totally lost. He had an urge to create but had no real idea how to go about it. Hopefully this experience didn’t totally ruin art for him and he will still seek to express himself through art.

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I know it’s not Tuesday. The day in which I promised I’d return but . . . well . . . Ah heck it’s the same ‘ol excuse. Too busy to breath.

I have to say the whole experience of doing the event by myself went pretty well. I just arrived earlier and stayed later than most everyone. Despite my plan not to put up both tents, I did so I’d have shade. Since it had been years since I did an event alone I expected to be achy and sore from all the hauling and toting that I had to do All BY MYSELF but no. Other than a couple of bruises and scratches I am remarkably unscathed.

Saturday was hot. Not “pray-to-your-deity-to-release-you-from-this-earthly-realm” kind of hot. But still plenty warm. More than one person was wheeled by on a stretcher. Then that evening came a big cool down and with it the promise of 70mph winds and 1″ hail. Neither of those things happened but we did have scary orangish pea-green skies, very strong winds and a torrential downpour. I managed to get everything secured and get back to my hotel about 15 minutes before the apocalypse happened.

Later the oft mentioned potter friend Connie (as opposed to the oft mentioned paper making friend Connie) and I ran back down to the park to see how everything faired (including my neighbor, a young guy who was camping in his tent overnight.) Everything was still upright (including my neighbor) so we both slept pretty well that night. Ummm . . . meaning me and Connie slept well- in separate hotels. Not me and my neighbor guy. (Yeah okay that was awkward. Clearly not enough caffeine yet today.)

So enough about the weather, onto the really important stuff, the money. The show was good. Really good. Perhaps the best it’s ever been. Almost, but not quite happy dance time.

NOTE: Thanks to Connie, Paula, Belinda and LaRae for checking on me and making sure I had enough potty breaks. Thanks also to my two neighbor guys who sold stuff for me while I dashed away for a potty break that wasn’t gifted from one of my artsy girlfriends helping me out. All of you guys kept me from having to break out the adult diapers this weekend. So thanks for that.

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Here’s poor little Budda cat all tuckered out after a hard days packing for this weekend’s art fair. Or should I say a hard day of directing the packing.

I am on my own this weekend. It has been years since I’ve done an event all by myself though at one time it was common for me. Mike is off to massage school. Mind you I have dozens of friends who have offered to assist me at art fairs but the stars were against me this time. As weddings, family vacations and our local celebration has left me adrift in a sea of loneliness. (So do you pity me yet?)

Greater Rolfe Days
This weekend also happens to be Greater Rolfe Days which is my hometown celebration, where there is a school reunion, parade, miscellaneous activities and of course the aforementioned rodeo. (Click on the link to plan your visit and you’ll see a rundown of all the hometown type activities including a greased pig contest and chicken bingo.) What that means is several other people either have relatives in town or are participating in the various activities and thus no one wanted to go sit in the sweltering heat with me. (hard to imagine, I know. sigh)

Brookings Summer Arts Festival
So this weekend I will be in Brookings SD doing the Brookings Summer Art Festival, which is a huge event. I think they have around 300 vendors plus there are many satellite events which all totaled probably doubles the number. So if you’re in the area stop by and say hi. I’m at Booth 189. For the previous art show breakdown on Brooking click here.

See you all on Tuesday.

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The T-shirts Are Here!
Actually from what I understand, they’re not quite what the Rodeo Club had anticipated either but they are pleased with the overall effect and so am I. I am grateful I did an image that was strong enough to be broken down into this silkscreen design.

So the offer still stands. Buy a shirt for $25 and receive a signed mini print (it’s smaller than the one in the photo right) as a special thank you from me. Our little clubs are completely volunteer driven so any help in fundraising is always appreciated. For more information regarding purchasing a shirt refer to the previous post.

Anyone (meaning Lorie and Carol) who want to change their mind, feel free. I’m certainly not holding you to it since I too was expecting something closer to the original. Again though, i am really pleased. I have reserved one for each of you but if you decide not to get one . . . well . . . it just leaves more for me.

For Lorie and Linda

Note the text on the t-shirt. Apparently the Rodeo Club thought you guys were as clever as I did. 🙂

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Bull’s Eye – Rodeo Bull
Prints are now available at the Wild Faces Gallery website. Click on the Painting Title and will take you to the correct page.

About The T-Shirts

I was hoping to post a photo of the t-shirts but as of yet I have not seen them (sigh) I plan on contacting the Rodeo Club member tomorrow to nab the two t-shirts (for Carol and Lorie) before I go because while I’m gone this weekend the rodeo actually takes place. And since they only made 150 shirts, pickin’s could be slim by the time I get back.

The price on them is $25 which includes shipping. I also decided to throw in a free open edition mini print just as an extra thank you. I should say since I’ve yet to see them I have no idea how the image has transferred but I’m told it looks good. The background is a flat color but other than that they think I’ll be pleased. For myself once I handed over the image I left it to them to decide what looked good.

SO if anyone else would like a shirt (contact me promptly with the size you’d like and send me a check for $25) or for those who have committed wish to back out, now is the time. My mailing (gallery) address is below.

Wild Faces Gallery
209 Garfield St.
Rolfe, Iowa 50581

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