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I know I’ve been away for a bit. Thursday I went and picked up my artwork from the Red Rock Art Center. I was invited to lunch from someone who had seen the show a couple of days before and she and I had corresponded almost 2 years ago via etsy so was interesting. Sue Koons and I have quite a bit in common. Also I managed to take some longhorn cattle photos after lunch, so all in all it was a great day.

Friday I ran to Des Moines Iowa with a friend and hit a botanical center (yup took more pics) and The Art Store for some much needed stock replenishment of art supplies.

And then of course this was Easter weekend so I kinda took some time off from everything. I’m reading the House of Night series which is yet another teeny-bopper vampire coming of age series. Frankly if there hadn’t already been 6 books published I doubt I would have got into it because each book is like a month or so in the lives of the fledgling vamps. So slow going in story line. On the other hand I am totally enjoying the simple read as much as I did the twilight series. (okay, okay stop judging me!)

But (in theory) I’m back now. And yesterday Monday I got the pleasant surprise that a lens of mine The African Wildlife Artwork Of Wild Faces Gallery was reviewed on the Squidoo Lense Review Blog. Very cool and I’m totally flattered by the nice stuff she wrote about me. ANd in case you’re curious there is some older artwork that hasn’t been seen on either the blog or my website.

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