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Yes that is a red buffalo. Here is the finish to my previous post regarding the demo that was held at the Side Street Gallery last Saturday. After a 11 hour day on Friday I still hadn’t decided what I would do for my demonstration piece. I decided something simple graphically would be best. I had been kinda wanting to do another buffalo and so quickly sorted through my photos and came up with this old girl.

One of the questions that was asked me was “How do you decide the color palette for your painting?”

An intelligent question and frankly my reply was underwhelming. “I just wing it.” (Yes, that was helpful I’m sure.) But sadly it is the truth.

I knew I wanted to go bright because I love and enjoy the fantastical elements of it, but also because it would be much more eye catching for demonstrating, which it needed to be since it was so small.

Mari (the gallery owner) loved it and I promised as soon as I finished it she could have it to sell in her gallery.

In an upcoming post I’ll show my progress on it (if I’m lucky enough to get the time to play with it) and my reference photos.

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Side Street Gallery Demo

Okay, seriously what fun!!!! And I’m not the only one who thought so. Katie Plucker kept saying over and over, “We need to do this again next year . . . maybe even twice.”

The crowd was good. It never really got overwhelming, just a nice steady stream of visitors. I of course didn’t think to pull out the camera until it was all over, so all my photos were after the fact. And to top it off, I got no exclusive photo of Mari (the woman who’s gallery we were in to celebrate her 30th year in business) There were people everywhere taking pictures so hopefully a few will be sent my way.

The above photo is the group shot. Starting at the left: Me, Mari Stewart, Katie Plucker (a little below) and Judy Hemphill (behind the banjo playing frog) in front of Mari’s gallery in old town Okoboji.

Mari Stewart and The Side Street Gallery
It is a rare thing for a gallery to be around for thirty years and even more so with one owner. It is a testament to Mari as an artist and gallery owner. Mari is now primarily a painter, though she is also a potter and if I am remembering correctly her initial art love was jewelry. Mari’s website offers more information on her celebrating 30 years in business as well as her artwork and the artists she represents.

Judy Hemphill (photo left) is a photographer from Spencer Iowa. She is shown here standing in front of a collection of her boat and lake photos. For those of you unfamiliar with the area Okoboji is a major lake that is a huge tourist destination.

Judy does quite a bit of commercial photography for magazines and such, but also does allot of freelance artsy stuff. She is a dear friend. (Actually all three of these women are.) You can see more of her work by visiting Judy’s website.

Anita Baedke-Plucker
I have always known Anita as Katie. I am pretty sure all those many years ago when we met (she as the director of a local gallery and me sussing out the local art scene after just moving to Iowa) that was who she introduced herself as. So despite all the information to the contrary I still call her Katie. Again if my faulty memory serves me correctly I believe Katie was her nickname, coined when a child because she looked so much like her aunt Kate. At any rate, Katie is a watercolorist (extraodinaire) whose work currently focuses on the lakes area. You can learn more about her by visiting Katie’s website.

Yes I was the odd man out . . . err make that woman. . . out, with my horses and wild things. But in a good way I think.

So tomorrow I will show a photo of me doing my “thing” as well as what I was actually demonstrating.

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A weekend off? Kinda.

I am doing a gallery gig on Saturday at the Side Street Gallery in Okoboji, Iowa. (about 2 hours away from my place)

The gallery is run by a friend of mine Mari Stewart, and she is celebrating her 30th year in business by having different artists each weekend come in and demonstrate. So I am on board for this weekend along with two artist friends of mine, Judy Hemphill and Katie Plucker (but the rest of the world knows her as Anita Baeke-Plucker.) It should be fun.

So if my goal is to demonstrate I really need something to demonstrate with. Do you think I have something I’m working on? Of course you all know me better than that. Nope, not yet. And as I am less than 24 hours away from said event, you’d think I’d get right on that. But no . . . I’m here blogging about getting right on it.

I had planned to draw something out 2 days ago in the evening, but went to see Angels & Demons instead with a friend. And last night well, I went to see Harry Potter with same friend plus my husband and her mother and daughter. Ahem . . . so tonight it is. Yes siree. . . tonight is the night. Ummm . . . I better get right to it then. Though you know, I hear Night at the Museum is playing in Pocahontas. I really did want to see that movie.

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Brookings Summer Art Festival 09

So what are the odds of that?
Well I’m back. I’ll begin by saying that the event was better than expected. A nice surprise after Omaha. We had a glorious Saturday. Cool, light, gentle and caressing breezes. And loads of people. (Above Photo was taken at the very end of the day.)

Saturday night though they were predicting rain at 30% (which it did) Sunday morning rain was predicted at 60% and after 10am the chance for precip was 80%. We woke to a cold drizzly morning. Had breakfast and drove down to the park. If we wanted to pack up and go home we had to be loaded by10. Once on site, I thought “oh what the heck, we’ll stay.” They weren’t predicting any wind and they were claiming only some thunderstorms may be severe. I felt okay about those odds. So we stayed. And can you guess what happened? . . .

It turned out to be sunny and bright and was absolutely glorious all day. I mean what are the odds of that? Well . . . I guess about 20%

For the breakdown on what kind of event this show is, check out my previous post about the Brookings Summer Arts Festival.

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Angela Finney's New Blog

Well the days just keep flying by and we are once again leaving for an artfair. This weekend we’ll be in Brookings, SD. Of course there is a chance for rain (it has rained almost non-stop now for months) but other than that it is supposed to be lovely. In the 70’s or very low 80’s. Great weather for hoofing it around several hundred booths in a park.

Since I’m going to be MIA for a couple of days I thought it would be a great time to plug Angela’s new blog. Kudo’s to her for taking the plunge. I seriously love the parrot piece. It was one of those where I thought to myself, “Damn. . . I wish I had done that.” Very cool.

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Happy Independence Day 09!

This is of the oldest of the Rolfe grain elevators. The flag is new however.

Happy 4th to all my US readers out there! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. As you can tell by the photo it is rainy here, but will hopefully let up in time for the fireworks displays tonight.

With any luck (and some inspirational help from my muse’s) I’ll be back on Monday with a new WIP.

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This is for Joan R.

A couple of weeks back (perhaps less) I was checking my email at the gallery and seen an email from you. Since from the gallery all I can do is read it off the server I thought I’d wait until I got home to answer it. (The home computer is where the email actually enters the inbox) And I pretty much didn’t think of it again until we were on our way back from Omaha.

I am guessing your email got filtered out because it never arrived in my inbox, despite having exchanged emails with you in the past. When we changed our operating system a month back or so, allot of email stuff got left behind, including your address. So all of this is a long winded way of saying I had no other way to contact you on this but through the blog.

From what I remember you wanted a photo or two of Amy and her mules. I have no such photos. I did take a few of her driving Fritz (the pony mule) but gave the photos and negs to her. I can’t remember what else you asked so please re-email me again if there was more. Just let me know so I can be sure to retrieve it. Sorry about the confusion.

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